How many steps a day to lose weight for a successful weight loss challenge

Obesity or being overweight is a major health issue of the Americans at the moment. It has reached an alarming proportion as almost two out of three are overweight or obese in the United States. Many people are now trying hard to shed off the extra pounds and doing exercise to lose weight and also following low calorie diet plan for losing weight. While daily exercise helps to lose weight, walking can also be a very good weight loss regimen. Studies established that the number of steps taken by anyone every day has got direct relation with losing weight. Knowing how many steps a day to lose weight are needed is the first step towards the battle against excess body weight. This article aims to dwell on how weight loss can be achieved by taking steps daily.


How many steps a day to lose weight are needed?   

Physical activities have great influence on weight loss efforts. Doing at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercises for at least 5 days week is an excellent way to achieve weight loss. It further helps to stay healthy by lessening risk of heart ailment and diabetes etc. Various researches conducted on ways of losing weight recommend that taking 10,000 steps every day is almost equivalent to 30 minutes of physical activities. This also equals approximately walking five miles a day and delivers very good results in weight loss programs. Generally a person walks around 3000 steps daily and when you start walking to lose weight, these additional steps will help to lose about 3000 calories in a week that means you will be losing almost one pound of flesh every week.

How to lose weight effectively?

The primary thing to lose weight is to burn more calories than you take. For those who have succeeded in losing weight considerably the weight loss regimen was divided in to two parts: physical activities and health foods. As per American Heart Association, among the Americans who have maintained their weight loss program successfully, 94% of them had more physical activities, especially walking besides modifying their food habits. This can be achieved in the following five steps.

  • Setting realistic goals: One should first check his or her BMI to know how much weight has to be lost and accordingly fix how many steps a day to lose weight are required. Rather than trying it drastically at the first stage one should consider weekly or bi-weekly goals for avoiding any health problem while pursuing the goal.
  • Tracking the food intake: Keeping a food diary is essential for detailed knowledge of the quantity of the food and when it was taken. This helps to concentrate on the food habits and make necessary changes.
  • Managing the portion size: This helps one to reduce the quantity. Usually 25% reduction on portion size ids done for a healthy weight loss plan.
  • Substituting risky foods: High calories foods with more saturated fats and added sugar have to be substituted with low calorie dishes. One should also reduce the sodium intake for a healthy diet plan.
  • Balancing the food with exercises: To achieve weight loss one must have balance between healthy eating and physical activities as it is easier to consume calories and extremely tough to burn it out.


How to walk 10,000 steps everyday

Only knowing how many steps a day to lose weight are needed does not help. In case one is serious to lose weight by taking steps, he or she should start doing it immediately. The best way to do this is to use a Pedometer that, when worn on the wrist, counts the number of steps the person is walking. So, you will have an idea about the number of steps you are walking daily and recording this for week you will get your average. Based on this you can gradually increase your steps to finally reach you goal of walking 10000 steps daily for losing weight. For this, you must have commitments and should preferably increase the intensity by walking on steep paths or on sandy beaches but all these should be done keeping parity with your physical endurance. You need not do all the walking in one session breaking into sweating. You may divide it into parts setting reminders to walk every hour or any interval you prefer throughout the time you are awake. However, you should also wear a comfortable shoe for doing steps.

The bottom line

A routine of physical activities following how many steps a day to lose weight is required and modification in food habits can yield sustainable weight loss besides keeping you healthy for the rest of your life.

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