7 Successful Ways To Get Motivated To Lose Weight

It can be quite hard to start and stick to a weight loss plan. Most of the times, people tend to lose motivation to make a beginning or lose their motivation to carry on with the plan. Luckily, motivation is something you can work up to increase.

Know The Reasons Why You Want To Lose Weight

Well, first it is you who have to be clear of all the reasons as why you want to lose weight. Once you have realized the reasons, there is no harm in putting them somewhere. This will certainly help you in staying committed and motivated to reach your weight loss goals.

Your reasons could comprise of improving your self-confidence, looking your best for an upcoming event, fitting into an old jean or dress, or preventing diabetes. It has been commonly seen that people start their weight loss regime when their doctor advise them to do, but people lose weight quickly when the motivation comes from within.


Have A Practical Approach

Even you must have come across various diets and products claiming quick & easy weight loss. However, most practitioners advocate losing 1-2 pounds per week. When you set unachievable goals, it tends to build a feeling of frustration and in the worst cases it will make you give up finally.

On the contrary, setting achievable goals and achieving them generates the feeling of a sense of accomplishment. All those people who meet their self-determined goals are more likely to maintain their weight loss for a longer duration. The good part is that if you lose 6-10% of your body weight, it will certainly have a positive impact on your health. If you are losing 6-10% of your body weight, it can really help –

  • Reduce joint pain.
  • Improve blood sugar control.
  • Reduce the risk of certain cancers.
  • Lower cholesterol levels.
  • Reduce the risk of heart disease.

Concentrate On Process Goals

Most of the people trying to lose weight mainly focus on outcome goals or goals they are interested in accomplishing. Usually, an outcome goal will be your final target weight.

However, when you focus only on outcome goals, chances are more that it can derail your motivation. They will, most of the times, feel too distant and will leave you overwhelmed. Instead, make sure you have set processed goals or what will be your actions to reach the desired outcome.


Have A Plan As Per Your Lifestyle

Make sure you have set a plan you can easily follow and avoid making plans that you won’t be able to achieve in the long run. Yes, you can easily find lots of diets and most of these diets are based on cutting calories. Experts advise following strict diets that eliminate certain foods. All those people having “all or nothing” mindset are less likely to lose flab from their body.

Instead you can have your own customized plan. Following are some dietary habits you can follow to get rid of that extra fat –

  • Cutting down frequency of snacks.
  • Cutting down intake of extra calories.
  • Including fruits and vegetables in your regular diet.
  • Cutting down portions sizes.
  • Reducing fried food and desserts.

Keep A Record Of Your Weight Loss

Self-monitoring really plays a pivotal role to weight loss motivation and success. All those people who keep a record of their food intake are more likely to fulfill their weight loss goals. In order to maintain a journal correctly, it is imperative you jot down everything related to your diet on a daily basis including – snacks, meals, fruits, etc.

Adding your emotions in your journal will surely come handy. This will help you in making out what triggers you to overeat and help in finding healthy ways to deal with it. You can maintain a journal on a paper or you can also maintain on the notepad of your computer.


Applaud Your Success

It is quite easy to put on weight, but to losing it is quite an arduous task, so celebrate your little achievements to keep yourself motivated. Maybe giving yourself some credit every time you accomplish a goal will not mean anything to you but it certainly does motivate you. You can also share your weight loss achievements on various social media platforms & community pages to get support and motivation.


Think And Talk Positively

Make sure you have positive expectations and feel confident to achieve your weight loss goals. It has been found all those people who use “change talk” are more likely to follow the plans made by them. Change talk can be defined as making statements about two important things – commitment and behavioural changes. Therefore, it is important you talk positively about your weight loss.

All those people who keep fantasising about weight loss are less likely to accomplish their weight loss goals, this is known as “mentally indulging”. Instead, make sure you are mentally contrast. In order to be mentally contrast, make sure you have spent few minutes imagining accomplishing your weight loss goals and also imagining any possible hindrance that may get in the way.

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