Top Tips for Healthy Knees That You Must Follow

You may not realize it but your knees consist of the largest joint in your entire body and therefore, your inability to keep them in good shape can cause you to undergo a knee replacement surgery. It is important that you pay special attention to this area of your body, since it is the knees that support your entire body structure and therefore, deserve care and attention. Given below are some excellent tips that will ensure that you do not take your knees for granted and work towards getting healthier knees for overall benefits.

1.)   Keep constant tabs on your weight:

It is a known fact that your body weight plays a massive role in determining the health of a majority of the regions of your body, the knees being the most predominant region that can be easily affected by extra weight. It is estimated that your knees suffer four times more for every pound of weight that you gain. Therefore, even the slightest weight gain can lead to pain in the joints of the knees.

This compels you to lose unnecessary weight and stay in shape for a fitter body. You will be surprised at the sudden loss of any kind of pain in your knees when you get your weight under control. The best way to keep your weight in check is by ensuring that you exercise daily for a minimum of 30 minutes and include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet.

2.)   Be careful when exercising:

Agreed, exercising is very crucial to keep your weight under control, which eventually leads to healthy knees. However, exercising when done in the wrong way or without supervision can have exactly the opposite effect, leaving you writhing in pain, especially when your knees are concerned.

Therefore, it is very important that you do adequate warm-ups before beginning with any kind of exercise. This helps to loosen the muscles. Lunges and squats are excellent to ensure flexibility and health of your knees. All the same, it is important that you do not go beyond 90 degrees as this can be detrimental to your knees.

3.)   Be careful when using the stairs:

It goes without saying that stairs are always a healthier option compared to elevators and that you must always insist on climbing a flight of stairs instead. However, this does not entitle you to leap and spring carelessly up the stairs especially if you have weight issues. You may not realize it but regularly practicing this can have a severe impact on your knee caps causing them to suffer immeasurably. The jerky movements when you run up the stairs can cause severe discomfort to your knees. Instead, it is always a good idea to hold onto the railing and patiently walk up or down the stairs instead of leaping.

4.)   Look where you walk:

This is extremely crucial and in most cases is always ignored. You need to be very careful when it comes down to walking on a surface as, it can vastly influence the condition of your knees. It is important that you choose a well constructed sidewalk for your walking or jogging purposes. The surface that you decide to walk on must be flat and essentially worn out. As a rule of thumb, you must completely shun uneven surfaces as it can have a severe effect on your knees. This holds true especially if you already have undergone a knee replacement surgery. You must stay away from cobblestone and grass pathways, as they are extremely uneven and can lead to jerky movements thus leading to tension formation in that region.

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